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East Beauregard High School

Posted Date: 10/05/2022

East Beauregard High School

Welcome to East Beauregard High School!

East Beauregard High School began instruction of students in September 1962. Dry Creek and Sugartown schools were consolidated to form East Beauregard. The school then divided into East Beauregard Elementary (Pre-K to 5) and East Beauregard High (6-12) in 2001. The enrollment of the school has almost doubled with an enrollment of approximately 475 students (6-12).

East Beauregard is located in the eastern edge of Beauregard Parish. The area is rural with forestry products and farming as the main occupations. The school is located on Highway 113, two miles south of the intersection of Highway 26.

The population of the school district is mainly stable, but this area has shown much growth potential the last few years. The communities served have strong religious backgrounds and expect high ethical and moral standards in their school.

East Beauregard has strived for over forty years to meet the needs of its students and the communities served.  The graduates of East Beauregard High are ample proof that academically and sociologically our students are well prepared.  Our main goal is to develop each individual to his greatest potential.